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Virgin Markets Multi Legal are experienced debt recovery experts. We trace your debtors, and recover from them successfully and lawfully. When it comes to choosing a debt recovery expert as your collection agency or credit control partner, we respect the fact that we have rival debt recovery agents for you to choose from. So, why choose us? Debts recovery is not for everyone but we get a lot of enjoyment from being successful for our clients, we’ve always understood that we’re only as good as the last client account we successfully collected.

  • Highlights

    We believe in face to face contact with debtors as this invariably gets the best results in a lawful manner.

  • Bank Properties on Auction

    We carryout out all auction process until money drops on your account at the lowest cost possible.

  • How We Work

    We as well do news paper debtor adverts, offer legal advice, carry out eviction and vacant possession



An opportunity arose in 2011 to Liquidate a micro-lending company after which most of her clients were affected by change of Kampala city leadership

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