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What is Virgin Market Legal?

We are multi legal Debt recovery firm based in Uganda.

How do we do our Job?

Our aim is to provide our clients with services expected of experienced debt collectors, auctioneers and court bailiffs while creating a working relationship based on Integrity, Experience and Commitment. We specialise in execution of court orders and collections service. We believe in face to face contact with debtors as this invariably gets the best results in a lawful manner.

Is having a court Judgement enough?

Don’t think, by having a Court order or Judgment in your favor, that it means the debtor has to start paying you. These orders, or judgments, are only documents which the Court has formally agreed that you have provided a case that means they owe you the money. The civil process of recovery is largely reliant on private companies or yourself recovering that money and using the Court Enforcement system as a recovery system of last resort.

Are commercial debts worth persuing?

Can you collect debt withough documentation?

Yes. For more details Contact Us

What makes us Unique?

Our charging system is No WIN, No FEE:

If we dont win, we dont get paid.

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