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When it comes to choosing a debt recovery expert as your collection agency or credit control partner, we respect the fact that we have rival debt recovery agents for you to choose from. So, why choose us?

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Enforcement / court hearings

We are a multi legal company, we initiate and prepare most supporting documentation in support of getting your debtor through the Court enforcement processes if they refuse to pay voluntarily or stop paying by arrangement. This we can manage with our own legal team.

Don’t think, by having a Court order or Judgment in your favor, that it means the debtor has to start paying you. These orders, or judgments, are only documents which the Court has formally agreed that you have provided a case that means they owe you the money. The civil process of recovery is largely reliant on private companies or yourself recovering that money and using the Court Enforcement system as a recovery system of last resort.

As a team of licenced and experienced court bailiffs we will carry out utmost recovery, eviction, and auction of properties pledged having court order. We have a reliable network of law enforcement support team (Police or CID officers), to handle the stubborn or disappearing clients using latest technology.

Where agreed, our Lawyers will appear at any Court enforcement hearing on your behalf. Fees vary depending on the court size .The Lawyers costs will be added to the debt that has to be repaid by your debtor. We do not charge instruction fees.