What We do

When it comes to choosing a debt recovery expert as your collection agency or credit control partner, we respect the fact that we have rival debt recovery agents for you to choose from. So, why choose us?

Virgin Markets Multi Legal are experienced debt recovery experts
Success Stories

Business Origin

An opportunity arose in 2011 to Liquidate a micro-lending company after which most of her clients were affected by change of Kampala city leadership with introduction of the executive director who closed most vending businesses in Kampala causing clients to fail on their Loan repayments to credit companies. Our breakthrough of 80% recovery proved our tracing and debt collection abilities in such a harsh environment.

Virgin markets multi legal auctioneers and High court bailiffs transition took place in 2016 to acquire auctioneers and bailiffs firm status. The recovery firm got licensed in Feb. 2016 by the high court to carry out evictions, arrest, attachment and auction of properties, and other court orders in line with the law